It’s easy to stay on trend with the popular Industrial and Modern Skandi styles with the ultra sleek look of our Moulded (Polypropylene) Outdoor Furniture Range.

These stylish and versatile pieces are an extremely easy maintenance choice for indoor and outdoor areas.

European crafted using custom made gas injection moulds, durable polypropylene is infused with small amounts of fibreglass for added strength and UV stabilisers for continued colour vibrancy in outdoor conditions.

The Bini is one of the newest additions to the collection, it’s super stylish and extremely comfortable.

Matching lounge chairs available.

Product Dimensions:
Height Total: 400mm
Width: 700mm Round
Weight: 6kg

Carton Dimensions:
1 per box: 710x750x120 7kg

Colours Available:
Grey | Green/grey | Blush

Caring for your Resin Furniture:

To clean resin chairs and tables, use water with a colourless and non-abrasive liquid detergent. Leave the soapy solution for a few minutes and then, if necessary, scrub the surface with a flexible soft bristled brush. Rinse with water. Avoid prolonged contact with coloured or fatty substances because they can be absorbed by the polymer and leave stains. Wipe over with a damp cloth immediately if food spills occur. Do not use high pressure water cleaners as they can affect the polymer.

Avoid exposing products continously and for a long period of time outdoors. These products are suitable for intense but not permanent uncovered outdoor use. To maxamise the useful life of the product, cover when not in use or store in a place protected from sunlight, humidity, saline envionments and dirt when not in use. It is recommended not to block or completely cover the products, allowing for some airflow.

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