• 3 tablespoons pizza sauce
  • 1 x Thin pizza base
  • 200 grams pizza cheese
  • 125 grams shredded ham
  • 125 grams sliced pepperoni
  • 100 grams sliced mild salami
  • Prepare the barbecue for indirect cooking over medium-high heat (220°C to 260°C) with a Weber Pizza Stone. If you are using a Weber Q barbecue, set up your barbecue with a convection tray, trivet and the pizza stone. Preheat the pizza stone for 20 minutes, or as directed by your pizza stone instructions.
  • Prepare your pizza on a Weber Easy-Serve Pizza Tray. Spread the pizza sauce evenly over the pizza base. Place a small amount of cheese on top. Cover with a mix of ham, pepperoni, and salami, and finish with the remaining cheese over the top.
  • Place the pizza tray (with pizza) onto the stone and roast over indirect medium-high heat for 15 minutes, or until the cheese has turned golden and the base is crispy.