The Plantation Teak Outdoor Furniture Collection is hand constructed from high quality, natural, sustainable, timbers combined with the best available man-made fixtures to produce furniture pieces that perform well in Australian outdoor environments with minimal maintenance. All our aluminium tables use appropriately gauged aluminium to provide superior durability. Good quality powder coating, HDPE (high density polyethylene) feet and stainless steel screws and bolts are other details that ensure our aluminium pieces are well suited to the Australian outdoor environment.

Product Dimensions:

Height: 730 mm
Length: 1800mm
Width: 1000mm
Chair Clearance: 670 mm
Weight: 22 kg

Boxed Dimensions:

Table Top: 1840x1110x60 18kg
Dining Leg Set: 720x200x90 4kg

Available in:

900×900 / 1500×850 / 1800×1000 / 2250×1050

Caring for your Timber Furniture

Out of the Box:

Step 1. Dust & Check
When you first unpack your new furniture, remove any residual dust from manufacturing by lightly wiping your furniture with a damp cloth before use. Use this time to look over your furniture and appreciate the natural tone variation and richness of the timber you have purchased.

Step 2. Preserve It
If you wish to preserve your Teak furniture’s original natural colours, use high-performance water-based wood coating such as Biocolours Acrylic Topcoat Wood Preserver OR Bio Beeswax wood polish. Wood sealers also aid in reducing and repelling staining and moisture. After purchase and assembly, we recommend that a follow up coat of Biocolours Acrylic Topcoat is applied after the first one or two weeks of outdoor exposure, and only after your furniture has been cleaned and is completely dry.

Biocolours Acrylic Topcoat mixing instructions:

  • 1st coat: Mix 1 part Topcoat with 2 parts water
  • 2nd coat: Mix 3 parts Topcoat with 1 part water

Bio Beeswax Wood Polish gives the timber a more vibrant ‘wet look’. If you have chosen to use the Beeswax finish simply warm the container in the sun or very briefly in the microwave, mix and rub into the timber using a rag. Buff off for a smooth finish.

Caring for your Powder Coated Furniture:

To clean your powder coated furniture it is recommended to use clean cool or lukewarm water with slight additives of neutral washing agents. To scrub down the furniture, use non-abrasive soft cloths, rags or industrial cotton. To specifically get off greasy, oily or sooty substances that were unable to be cleaned off with the previous procedure, the best cleaner to use is ‘white spirit’ which can be found at major hardware outlets. After cleaning, rinse down the furniture with cold, clean water.


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